Badass Boudoir is going to reignite your confidence & help you find your inner badass!


APRIL 6, 2024


Badass Boudoir is more than just a weekend away and sultry pictures. It’s a catalyst. A spark to ignite the confidence you may have lost over the years. After marriage, kids, age, work, LIFE, your shine has dulled. At these weekend retreats, we will show you the divine feminine goddess is still inside. We will help you reveal her again.

We all join together in a beautiful mansion, we bring in premier hair and makeup teams, boudoir photographers, private chefs, yoga instructors, massage therapists, and an elite leadership team to walk beside you on this journey. Each leader specializes in a variety of areas to help coach you in every area of life.

This sisterhood extends far beyond the weekend. This experience is one for women of every age, size, at any point in your life. If you’re tired of living in sweatpants and autopilot, join us to start this change.


Leadership Team


Liandra is a divorced mom of two teens, currently building the life of her dreams with her fiance, Michael.  She is a serial entreprenuer and has been a business owner for almost 20 years. Between an RV Park, a bar/restaurant, and her constant time on the road, life is always moving. Her artistic journey, once rooted in baking for 12 years, now finds expression through her acclaimed boudoir photography, capturing the essence of empowerment and beauty. Liandra’s commitment to fitness fuels her energetic lifestyle. Fitness has been her catalyst through dark times to on stage and  placing at bikini competitions. She also hosts her own podcast “From the Ashes: Reclaiming You” where she helps women find their spark again and live the lives they dream of. 

As the founder of Badass Boudoir, her ultimate goal is to bring women together in community and sisterhood, to help them see their own value, and give them the tools to build the life they’ve always wanted. And deserve.


Kathryn is a life and business coach. A healer, teacher, and a guide to women walking through their spiritual awakenings and ascension. Helping them to step fully into their personal power and sovereignty, while also showing them how to balance their lives and grow businesses along with children and relationships. She is a solo homeschooling mom to 4 girls, and a community builder in every sense of the word.

Kathryn has been a practicing witch for over a decade and is trained in multiple forms of divination, intuitive healing, energy work, and spellcraft.

She is also a writer, editor, publisher, founder, owner of Influence Digital Media, and co-founder of Spellbound Sisterhood.

Melissa Job_Badass Boudoir Leadership

Melissa brings the sex Ed you were never taught. She has a passion for empowering women to have an amazing intimate life, no matter their relationship status. As a Registered Nurse with a Masters’s in Nursing Education, she brings professional knowledge with a side of inappropriate humor.


Anne Travis is 60 and has been in a committed, successful marriage for 35 years. Anne started and ran a multi-million dollar landscape construction company for 17 years and now co-hosts a podcast with her husband, Scott, called Thou Shalt Not Kill: a podcast about marriage. She and Scott also provide group and 1:1 marriage coaching through Eagles Nest Coaching.

Anne will be discussing the value of establishing and maintaining relationships both in her personal and business lives.

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Our History from our founder, Liandra

After my first boudoir shoot, I experienced a notable difference in how I carried myself. My confidence was up, I was treating my body as the temple it is after speaking nothing but negativity into the mirror for decades. My love for my body – flaws and all – was increasing. I knew this was an experience ALL women need to have! To be reminded that regardless what the scale says, how many stretch marks we have, or where we are at in life, we are all beautiful. These retreats have helped so many women re-ignite the sexy woman within, and start making other positive changes for themselves!


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